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What is CBD Vape Oil: An In-Depth Look

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CBD oil has become so popular in recent years that several products have been created infused with this substance. From CBD oil-infused gummies to vape oils, there are several ways one can enjoy CBD and its benefits. However, some are still wondering what is CBD vape oil and how it can be helpful.

With that said, here’s a helpful in-depth guide about CBD vape oil and its uses, advantages, disadvantages, and more. Learn more about what this unique CBD product has to offer.

A Quick Rundown

Simply put, CBD vape oil is a CBD-infused product. However, rather than ingesting it or applying it topically, you inhale it instead. As such, it’s not that different from the other CBD-infused products.

Like other CBD-infused products, CBD vape oil involves extracting the CBD from hemp. However, since CBD oil is thick, it can be difficult to use as CBD vape juice. This is why a vegetable glycerin base is used to formulate the CBD extract.

What is CBD & How It Relates to CBD Vape Oil

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound derived from the cannabis or hemp plants. However, CBD-infused products don’t produce a “high” feeling in those who ingest, inhale, or apply it. It is unlike marijuana which produces a “high” due to its THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content.

CBD is often used to alleviate pain, inflammation, anxiety, and even seizures. Moreover, many users prefer CBD due to its usefulness and lack of psychoactive effects. Because of this, it comes in several types of products – ranging from edibles to topicals. Another popular form is the CBD vape oil. It requires the use of a vaporizer.

It’s considered the most effective way to reap the benefits of CBD. Moreover, it doesn’t take time like topical application or ingestion.

CBD oil vapes can be consumed in several forms, namely:

  • Portable vaporizers
  • Vape pens
  • Vape mods

CBD vape oils can also come in different types such as:

  • Full-spectrum
  • Isolate
  • Broad

Different Types of CBD Vape Oil

As mentioned, these CBD vape oils can come in different types. We’ll be discussing all of them in this section of this in-depth guide. There are three types – full-spectrum, broad, and isolate.

Full-Spectrum Oil

Full-spectrum CBD vape oils are based on CBD oil that contains not just CBD but also the full spectrum of other cannabinoids as well as the terpenes and flavonoids that are present in cannabis plants.

This type of vaporizer oil is made with CBD that used whole-plant extracts. This means that the CBD used in it incorporated all the natural components of the plant. These typically contain THC but are often less than 0.3%. This is the legal limit and hemp plants often contain little to no THC.

Isolate Oil

On the other hand, an isolated CBD vape oil is made of pure CBD oil, unlike full-spectrum CBD vape oils. This means it has absolutely no THC content, just pure CBD. This type of vape oil is perfect for those who want to try CBD without worrying about the THC content.

Broad-Spectrum Oil

Lastly, the broad-spectrum CBD vape oils fall somewhere in between the full-spectrum and isolate CBD vape oils. It contains several cannabinoids and compounds extracted from the cannabis and/or hemp plant. However, unlike full-spectrums, these often contain no THC. Some may have trace amounts but not enough to have an effect.

How to Vape CBD Oil

Now you know the type of CBD vape oils available, let’s check out their forms. As mentioned, vaping CBD oil can come in several forms, particularly vape pens, vaporizers, and vape cartridges.

Before you go and look for the best CBD vape oil, let’s first discuss the different ways you can vape CBD.

CBD Oil Vaporizer

CBD oil vaporizers or simply vapes are portable devices that one can use to inhale the CBD vape oil – in the form of vapor – directly into the lungs. This leads to quicker and more effective results.

These devices use heat to convert the CBD extract into vapor. The user then inhales the vapor to reap the benefits of CBD oil.

CBD Vape Pens

For a more discreet way of vaping and reaping the benefits of Cannabidiol oil, CBD vaporizer pens are the way to go. Vape pens are as their name suggests – pen-shaped vaporizers that one can use to inhale CBD vape juice.

However, when looking for the best CBD vape pen, you need to take into account their form. Particularly, whether they’re the disposable kind or the refillable kind.

  • Disposable CBD Oil Vape Pens

These are pre-load with CBD vape juice. These also have a battery and atomizer to convert the juice into vapor. They are usually good for a few hundred CBD puffs before you need to throw them out.

  • Refillable CBD Oil Vape Pens

This type of vape pen can fill with CBD vape juice once depleted. It has a tank that attaches to the main body and they combine the convenience of the pen design but without the bulk of vaporizers with tanks.

CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD vape cartridges are disposable electronic cigarettes tanks, and they hold the CBD vape juice. They use standard 510 batteries to operate. They also provide the easiest way to get into vaping CBD vape oil.

How Much Cannabidiol Oil Should You Vape?

Before you look for a place to buy CBD vape oil, you need to know just how much Cannabidiol oil you need. Like any other substance, there are several factors you need to consider such as your weight, age, tolerance, and what your symptoms are.

Moreover, you need to also consider factors like the potency or strength of the CBD’s concentration in the oil, its source, and its other ingredients. Also, you need to think about whether or not a 3rd-party laboratory tested independently the CBD. This is because vaping CBD oil is a more direct and potent way of taking in CBD.

In terms of potency, below is a list of how much Cannabidiol oil is typically in bottles of CBD vape juice:

  • Low: 50 to 200mg
  • Medium: 200 to 500mg
  • High: 500 to 2000mg
  • Very High: 2000 to 4000mg

The CBD vape oils’ concentration is often determined by the bottle, not per mL. So, make sure to take that into account when buying CBD vape juice. To know how much you’re vaping, divide the total concentration amount by the bottle’s size and you should get the result.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that everyone inhales differently so if this would be the first time you’re vaping CBD oil, it’s best to start with a lower concentration to ensure that you won’t experience any side effects.

Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

There are several benefits to taking in CBD oil through vaping.

  • Fast-Acting

Since you’re inhaling the CBD in form of vapor, it acts faster and is a more effective way of taking in CBD. It doesn’t have to go through several processes for the body to reap the benefits of CBD oil. As such, it’s ideal for those who want to address symptoms of their conditions quickly and get immediate relief.

  • Great Flavor

The downside of ingesting CBD oil is that its flavor can be an acquired taste for most. CBD vape oils are often flavored with terpenes. These can be easier to take than the normal earthy flavor CBD oil because of this.

  • Easy to Use

It’s a form of Cannabidiol oil that’s easy to use because all you need is the CBD-infused vape oil and the device to vaporize the oil itself. If you’re self-conscious about vaping CBD oil, you can opt for CBD oil vape pens whose appearance is more discreet.

Cautions of Vaping CBD Oil

Since vaping CBD oil is a more direct way of taking in CBD oil, there can be some risks to inhaling CBD oil directly. Some of the side effects you can experience with vaping CBD oil are:

Despite being common, they are not severe or long-lasting. Nevertheless, it’s best to try out a lower dosage first to ensure that you can manage any side effects.


Vaping CBD oil can be a great way to reap the benefits of CBD and because of its fast-acting nature, it’s also a great way to provide quick relief should you need it. However, before you vape CBD, it’s important to understand what is CBD vape oil and how it works. Hopefully, this guide provided you with a clearer idea of what it is and how it works.

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