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What Ingredients Should Be in Your Dietary Supplements

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Losing weight is hard. A sustained shedding of fat requires overhauling one’s life that comes with many sacrifices and can’t always be done with immediate effect. 

Maybe your job or living situation doesn’t allow for the change in diet or added hours of exercise that would be necessary to weight loss. Or maybe you suffer from a medical condition that makes it difficult to exert yourself or avoid certain food groups. 

So, do you give up? No. There is an alternative to these tried and tested methods. Weight-loss dietary supplements can help you shed those stubborn pounds without aggressive diet change or time-consuming exercises. But before you go out and buy one, you should understand what ingredients make these supplements useful. 

Weight-Loss Dietary Supplements Ingredients 

There are quite a few supplements in the market and some of them make exaggerated promises. The best ones, like TruControl, Orlistat, and Gardenia Cambodia Extract are plant-based medicines with very specific performance intentions. They won’t shed your pounds immediately, but over time you’ll be able to naturally lose weight and avoid regaining it. 

Here are some interesting ingredients: 

Green tea extracts in certain supplements work to boost your body’s metabolism, which in turn helps you from packing on new pounds. 

Cocoa powder has anti-depressant properties and helps improve your mood. It’s been proven that mental well-being is necessary to shed the pounds. 

Caffeine boosts energy, burns calories, and helps you break down certain types of fat. But people can become immune to its effects if they have it regularly for a long time. 

Glucomannan is another interesting ingredient that makes you feel full and therefore lessens your urge to eat. It does this by retaining water in your gut. 

Bitter orange produces a stimulant called synephrine which suppresses appetite and helps you burn calories. 

Look up tru weight loss reviews to find out exactly which ingredients are used in popular diet supplement like TruControl. Going through this information will give you the knowledge to main the right choice for yourself. 

Common Ingredients in Weight-Loss Dietary Supplements 

Some of the most common and important ingredients in diet supplements are caffeine, calcium, bitter orange, green coffee bean extract, green tea, cola nut, probiotics, vitamin D, Raspberry Ketone, and White kidney bean. 

Each of these ingredients is combined in a special mix to give your health an overall boost. These extracts don’t just help reduce weight, they also oxygenate your blood, regulate your sugar levels, protect your heart, and elevate your mood. 

The all-around benefits of taking these supplements jump-start the weight-loss process since your body feels less tired and the excess energy motivates you to make small but necessary changes in your lifestyle. 

Harmful Weight-Loss Dietary Supplements 

While most weight loss supplements are not regulated by the FDA, this does not mean that they are harmful. Science has not been able to definitively state that these supplements cause weight loss as promised but it cannot deny that every ingredient in a supplement like TruControl has beneficial properties. The extracts are also mostly plant-based, which means that the FDA does not need to give its approval for the sale of the medication. 

Of course, there are some ingredients that have been banned from use in dietary supplements, like Ephedra/má huáng, because it suppresses your appetite but also increases abnormal heartbeat, chances of seizures, and high blood pressure. 

The lack of FDA’s stamp does not mean that supplements are harmful. FDA still monitors the ingredients used in such medication to be sure that nothing bad is being peddled as beneficial. But you should still speak to your physician before starting on any of these since some of the ingredients might interfere with other medication you might be on. 

Some Best Dietary Supplements 

The best dietary supplements in the market are all-natural compounds and prioritize a healthy weight loss over drastic decreases. Here are some that you can look into: 


These are also sold as over the counter medication under the name Alli. The supplement inhibits calories from being absorbed into your body. It keeps the fat in your food from breaking down in your gut, which in turn keeps you from gaining extra pounds. It’s recommended that you follow a low-fat diet while using Orlistat. 


A best-selling supplement from the TruVision line of products, this supplement boosts your energy and by converting excess body fat into fuel. According to TruControl reviews, TruControl also prevents the body from absorbing calories. Tru weight loss reviews say that TruControl is highly effective for keeping your blood pressure and sugar levels under control. This is a major reason for the supplement to be this popular. High insulin is a direct cause of weight gain, and keeping it under control helps both your health and weight loss goals. 

Garcinia Cambogia Extract 

You may have heard of this one from watching Dr. Oz. The supplement is based off an extract from Garcinia Cambogia fruit which increases the serotonin level in your body and reduces craving for food. Research has shown that a regular use of this supplement can help you lose up to 2 pounds over a few weeks without any change in diet. 


Another plant-based supplement that has been around for a while. It primarily uses caffeine as its base and boosts your metabolism. 

Bottom Line 

Dietary Supplements for weight-loss is never harmful, but you have to be sure that the one you choose is actually helping you and not making fake promises. 

While there are many pills that will suppress your appetite, they usually require a doctor’s prescription, and they aren’t always best for your health. In fact, many appetite suppressing pills come with serious side effects. But dietary supplements are plant-based. And although the ingredients are potent, they don’t pose the threat that many of these prescription pills do. 

And that’s the answer to the question, what is TruControl. It’s a supplement that actually helps you lose weight while maintaining a healthy mind and body. 






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