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Vitapulse – The Perfect Supplement To Your Heart Problems

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I am currently 52 years old, and it’s at this age where most people have a high chance of developing heart problems which prompted me to pay more attention to how I was taking care of my health. My family’s health history is not that great as it comprises of heart attack, stroke and even cancer which worries me a lot. Since I am not quite a very active guy except when I am walking my dog around few times in a week or playing golf a week or two, I have decided to go whatever edge to ensure that I will prevent such disease from affecting me.

I did a lot of research searching for different supplements that can boost my health, and lucky enough I came across VitaPulse. It’s a great antioxidant product that is a creation of Princeton Nutrients, and after thorough research, I decided to give it a try, and that has been the best health decision I have ever made.

What is VitaPulse?

A very powerful supplement designed to give lots of important benefits like helping the heart to function normally, protect against cellular damage, reduce body inflammation as well as boost the overall energy of your body. This mainly takes place through a blend of three main ingredients namely NAC, PQQ and CoQ10. After finding out more about each of these ingredients, this is what I found.

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)

A very strong antioxidant which mainly comes from a certain amino acid called 1- Cysteine. These Antioxidants are a substance that protects your body from many various health problems such as preventing the body cells from any damage, reducing inflammation and NAC also inhibits apoptosis, a process which causes self-destruction of the body cells which can cause many destructive diseases like Parkinson’s disease.I also found out that this antioxidant helps to prevent mucus build up in the respiratory system which can cause a condition called bronchitis. Research also indicates that NAC can also help patients suffering from breathing problems like asthma.

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone)

This ingredient also contains antioxidant properties. However, it functions mainly by helping to drive multiple metabolic processes within the body. It acts as an engine assisting the cells to function normally. PQQ reverses the risk of cells aging faster leading the body to use a lot of energy in order to keep the cells functioning properly.

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10)

Another great antioxidant in VitaPulse that’s helping to boost the metabolism of the body. For decades, the antioxidant has been treating heart conditions, and many people have been using it to manage problems like atherosclerosis also referred as hardening of arteries, high blood pressure, and heart arrhythmia among other problems. More so, CoQ10 also assist in the regulation of muscle mass and body as well as the weight of the body.

About Princeton Nutrients

Before buying any health supplement online, I like to do a thorough research because I want to trust the person selling the product definitely and so I did a little study into the Princeton Nutrients, and I immediately loved what I saw.

Princeton has been rated with an ‘A’ by Better Business Bureau(BBB), and this is very important especially when it comes to how a company is dealing with complaints from customers. After checking the BBB website, I noticed five lodged complaints against the company and they were all solved too and the reviews given was overwhelmingly positive so to say.

Dr Arash Bereliani, being one of the driving force behind VitaPulse creation, he is not only a certified cardiologist but also Princeton’s Research Director and runs Beverly Hills Institute of Cardiology and Preventive Medicine.

There are unbiased reviews of VitaPulse online, like Supplement Geek, that I found helpful as well.

How VitaPulse has benefited me

I have been using VitaPulse for now about three months, and the results I am  getting are great like I have more energy than before and my levels of cholesterol have gone down helping me to be more productive and active during the day. My blood pressure has also improved enormously, and I am greatly convinced that VitaPulse is behind all these good results. Although the supplements containing NAC shows that it contains side effects like fevers, rashes, headaches and drowsiness, I have not experienced any of these side effects.

Princeton Nutrition Company stands with VitaPulse such that if you have any complaints all you have to do is send your empty bottles back within the first 60 days of buying and you get your refund without any problems.
VitaPulse works with everyone and I suggest that everyone should try it and experience the amazing transformation to your entire health.

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