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TruVision Reviews: More about TruVision Health Supplements

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TruVision Health is a private supplement company regarding its information about its origin and where it’s based. We know that it was started in 2014 and offers many different types of health supplements. They claim to offer all-natural, plant-based ingredients. They also care about their clients. When the FDA told them that one of their ingredients wasn’t okay to have anymore, the company removed that ingredient from their product without concern for their bottom line, financially speaking. This shows us that they care to maintain their reputation. For these reasons, we think it’s vital to get at the heart of the product and understand what makes TruVison products tick. Below is a comprehensive overview of two of the products which can be read along with other TruVision reviews to learn more about their products.

What products do they sell? 

They sell many products designed to maintain healthy joints, improve cardiovascular health and remove free radicals. They have a collection of supplements designed to improve blood chemistry (truFix) and sleep (truSLUMBER). They also have a supplement pack that helps lose weight (truWEIGHT & truENERGY) although it was believed to contain DMBA, which is a stimulant drug same as ephedrine. Ephedrine was banned because it was dangerous. However, it was being used by many people without any incidences before it was banned. 

TruVision Reviews

Claim by truFIX 

TruFIX uses the phrase “Tone up your blood chemistry”. How can you really tone up your blood? TruFIX has the answer, with claims to help regulate blood sugar level, keep your liver healthy, and improve cholesterol. 

TruFIX Ingredients 

Alpha Lipoic Acid ALA is an anti-oxidant with positive effects on inflammation. In 2008, studies done revealed that patients with HIV found ALA to increase their body anti-oxidant stores. You can get ALA through normal diet because it’s found in fruit, meat, and vegetable.

Cinnulin – Cinnulin is extracted from Cinnamon, which helps improve glucose level, improved Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP), positive effect on cholesterol level and prevents blood sugar spikes. 

Chromium – This is an essential mineral contained in most of the foods we eat, e.g., eggs, fish, meat, cheese, potatoes, herbs, oatmeal, and broccoli. In case you have chromium deficiency then a supplement is necessary. 

Raspberry Ketones – Raspberry Ketones can lead to fat loss if used in high doses although this was studied in rats. However, they are not effective fat burners on their own. The company claims that it can prevent plaque buildup in your arterial walls. 

Magnesium – Magnesium supplement helps blood sugar levels and also lower blood pressure although a magnesium-rich diet is just enough. 

Copper – Copper is abundant in your diet, and there is no great benefit of using a supplement. 

Therefore, TruFIX seems to offer what it claims with the support of evidence. Thus, this is a fairly decent product. 

Claim by truCONTROL 

TruCONTROL is a product with a combo pack. It improves the liver function, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure while it increases metabolism and fat loss. TruCONTROL can be taken on the go, which is unique to TruVision products. Taking two a day provides you with the results of these ingredients for 24 hours a day, which is vital in the weight loss world.

TruCONTROL Ingredients 

Caffeine – Caffeine enhances performance which increases fat oxidation-fat loss, metabolism and also improves your gym results. 

Green Tea Extract – Have effects on non-habitual caffeine drinkers thus it may not work for other people. Cocoa Powder It improves blood flow while lowering blood pressure. 

Yohimbine – Yohimbine is a fat-burning supplement that increases your adrenaline making you more effective at getting work done.

The Bottom Line

There are decent ingredients in the combo pack of the products we’ve discussed. The claims that TruVision makes are true, and this and other TruVision reviews proved that by looking at their ingredients. They are all natural! With all of the options out there, you’ll want to check out what works best for you today.

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