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The top 20 most humorous fathers day gifts!

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We owe our whole lives to our dads, they’ve done so much for us, from providing us with all that we need and want to the terrible “dad” jokes. Here’s a list of the most hilarious gifts bound to bring a smile on your dads face:


1. “Dad, you are my father” LEGO Mug

Well the star wars craze is certainly not over, it will soon be back when the 5 new movies release, and this is to remind your dad he is indeed your father. You need to get this gift!


2. Peanut M&M Bow Tie


Classy meets tasty with this awesome M&M bow tie. You can choose any candy that comes in a similar package, of course, but the great thing about M&Ms are the available puns:

  • “Happy Fathers Day from your little peanut.”
  • “M&M (many and many) thanks for being a great dad!”


3. Funny fathers day cards

If your dad is the clown of the family he sure as hell would appreciate a card with funny fathers day memes.


4. Sock Sandals … Socks

What’s the fun of Fathers Day if we can’t poke fun at some of the dad stereotypes out there? For the dad who knows he’s “too cool for school,” these sock-sandal socks will save him the extra step when he gets ready in the morning.


5. Fathers day wallet

Our fathers sacrifice a lot for us and fathers day is the perfect opportunity to let them know how much you value whatever they have done. Get a wallet with a meaningful message or quote.


6. Fathers Day Goodie Bags

Why should you get just one gift when you can get a bag full, after all your dad deserves it the most. These goodie bags are easy to make and fun to fill. All you’ll need are brown paper lunch bags, scrapbook paper, scissors, glue and tape.


7. “We Flippin’ Love You!” Spatula

Once again, what dad wouldn’t love a punny gift this Fathers Day—especially if he can put it to good use in the kitchen?


8. Fathers Day Scrabble Frame

Everyone knows that what your dad really wants for Fathers Day is a long list of compliments. So, why not immortalize the list by turning it into something he can have on his desk? Use letter tiles from the scrabble board to write down adjectives that best suit your dad.


9. Papa Bear Shirt

This “Papa Bear” shirt is just one of millions of Fathers Day t-shirt options, but we figured, why not give our dads something they can wear around proudly? For the Papa Bears in our lives.


10. Punny Fathers Day Guitar Picks

If your dad has a talent for music, a custom guitar pick might be the perfect Fathers Day present. Again, the available puns are limitless:

  • Pickiest dad ever.
  • Dad, I’d pick you every time!
  • Hope you’re not picky.
  • Faith, trust, and pick-sy dust.


11. “Guess Whoooo Loves You?” Card

Kids, you grow up fast, even if it doesn’t feel like you do. That’s why photos make for wonderful keepsakes; especially for a parent whooo wants to preserve the memories of his children. Whether you frame it in this cute little card, or you come up with an idea of your own, a photo will become more precious over time.


12. Baby Onesie (with Instructions)

For the brand-new dad who needs a little help, here’s a present that both daddy and baby can benefit from. Moms, grandparents, get excited: this one can be from you.


13. Dad’s “Ice-Cream Plough” Spoon

We all scream for ice cream, but for the dad who can out-scream us all, let’s just make his enthusiasm official.


14. iDad Fathers Day Card

Dads love contraptions—well, a lot of them do, anyway. Enough for this clever card to have a 97% chance of distracting your dad from his other presents. In fact, if you’re going to give him this card, just forget about other presents completely. You’re welcome.


15. “Awful” Fathers Day Card

Fathers Day gifts can be so predictable. Time to make your dad do a double—no, a triple take with this adorably sassy, unexpectedly sweet Fathers Day card. For all the times your dad has teased you, it’s time to do a little teasing back.


16. Monsters Inc. Inspired Card

Why should the dads get to have all the fun on Fathers Day (well, besides the obvious)? These Monsters, Inc.-inspired cards are as fun to make as they look. If you’re really looking to get a laugh from dad, try getting your teens to make one too and build up funny fathers day memes.


17. Dad’s Secret “Stache”

Every dad needs their own secret stash of candy, no question. So DIY one your dad right away, He will probably enjoy this the most.


18. Decorated Golf Cookies

If you dad is a golf fanatic and plays golf on his days off, this is perfect for him.


19. Lawn Mower Cupcakes

A Hershey chocolate mower, M&M engines, chocolate sixlet wheels, green-tinted icing and the cupcake flavor of your choice come together to make these adorably delicious Fathers Day cupcakes.


20. Grill Cupcakes

And while we’re making this event more dessertful, how about these delectable grill cupcakes?

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