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The Incredible Weight Loss Story of Mama June

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People who are overweight or obese have an increased risk of a number of health conditions and can have low self-esteem or confidence. Being overweight affects many parts of your daily life. Most overweight people realize that losing the extra weight is the right path to a healthier life. However, even if you know the necessary weight loss steps, there is usually one big problem: lack of motivation. 

Finding inspiration is one-half of the battle. If you have been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully, here is the inspirational Mama June’s weight loss story. Mama June revealed her remarkable body transformation earlier this year on live TV. She gave us a look into how she managed to drop from size 12 to size 4 in a little under a year. 

Who is Mama June?

For those of you not familiar with Mama June, she is June Shannon, a popular reality TV star. Her rise to fame came from her role on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, an American reality show that aired on TLC from 2012 to 2014. The show featured the family of child beauty pageant contestant Alana Thompson, nicknamed Honey Boo Boo. 

This reality TV series received predominantly negative reviews from both fans and critics despite its popularity. Many people felt that Mama June was largely responsible for her daughter’s excess weight and poor habits. TLC announced the cancellation of the show in 2014 following some controversies surrounding June Shannon. 

Shannon jumped back from these events and began her own reality series called Mama June: From Not to Hot. This series is a look inside before and after Mama June’s weight loss. The show highlights the challenges and problems Shannon experienced throughout her weight loss journey.

The reasons behind her weight-loss journey

June Shannon stated that the motivation to start her weight loss journey came from her break-up with her husband Mike Thompson. Interestingly, Shannon sought to make her ex-husband jealous on his wedding day. But more importantly, she wanted to change the perception most critics and fans had of her and her unconventional family.

For most of her adult life, Shannon was plagued with controversial family issues. Her weight loss journey was her way of taking charge of her life and walking down a much healthier path. Her immediate objective was to lose as much weight as she could.

Mama June’s current physique

The overweight body that June Shannon had is no more. Her body transformation is quite surprising. Mama June appears much leaner nowadays and is very different from who you may remember. 

Mama June’s weight loss journey has caught the attention of weight loss enthusiasts all over the world. Many people want to find out just how she managed to shed that much weight in a relatively short period of time.

How She Did It

1. Weightloss supplements 

Weight loss supplements were the foundation of June Shannon’s weight loss plan. She primarily used Phenofen. Phenofen is a potent, effective weight loss and energy-boosting supplement that is designed using a science-based formula. It helps you lose weight quickly and keep the weight off.

2. Dietary changes

Shannon stated that one of her biggest mistakes was never watching what she ate. Her poor dietary habits were the main reason behind her weight gain. Mama June developed a complete diet plan involving healthy meals and excluding some of her favorite foods. 

In this meal plan, she increased her intake of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats during the day. She also lowered her intake of unhealthy (saturated) fats and gave up on fad diets.

3. Exercise

June Shannon enlisted the help of Natasha Fett to help her develop a strict and intense workout program. This program involved lots of walking and biking. Shannon could engage easily in these activities.

4. Eating alargehealthy breakfast 

Having a large and healthy breakfast keeps you satisfied for longer. This staves off cravings and reduces chances of snacking throughout the day. Shannon realized this and incorporated it into her meal plan.

5. Eliminated diet shakes 

Shannon initially had the misguided belief that diet shakes would help her lose weight. She later realized that these fancy food products had extra sugar and fats, causing the opposite effect.

6. Surgery

Shannon underwent a number of surgeries to remove a large portion of her stomach. This procedure significantly reduced the amount of food that she consumed.

Overall, Mama June has done a great job in reducing her weight to a healthier level. Her before and after pictures are very inspiring for anyone seeking to lose weight. According to recent reports, June Shannon looks to encourage her daughter Alana Thompson to take the same path.

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