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The ‘fatigued 40s’ are real. Here’s how to tackle them

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Every morning I struggle to get out of bed and only feel fully awake after my first hit of caffeine. I hit peak tiredness at around 3pm and can read just a few pages of a book at night before dozing off. I yawn a lot, need at least two coffees a day to feel normal and when people ask how I am, I often reply, “Shattered.”

But so far so normal, right? After all, I have two young children and a busy job – and, as a result, a never-ending to-do list runs through my head. A straw poll of my friends shows nearly all of them feel tired most days. One working mother of three says: “I’ve been exhausted since 2008, when my eldest child was born. I’ve tried coffee, Berocca, spa trips and weekend lie-ins. Nothing works and I’ve realised the only thing that will help is a live-in nanny and housekeeper, which I can’t afford, so I guess I’ll carry on being tired.”

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