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10 of the Best Sites for Online Auctions

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Whether you’re looking for cars, books, electrical goods, tools, or anything else, there are a number sites that provide online auctions that could allow you to pick them up at some very low prices. There is no limit on the type of items that you can find online at auction and the fact that they are much cheaper than buying them from stores, they are proving to be an extremely popular destination for frugal shoppers. Check out the ten auction sites that we believe are the best online right now.

1.) eBay

Without a doubt, the largest online auction site is eBay and in fact, most of you will probably already know about it. It allows people or businesses to buy or sell a wide variety of goods from everything from clothes and cars, to books and jewelry and practically anything else. The site works by allow bidders to bid on the millions of items on offer in the hope of winning the purchase. However, sellers can also set a ‘buy now’ price on goods to sell the items without the need of taking part in an auction.

2.) uBid

uBid is a great place to get branded items at a much lower cost than they would be able to anywhere else. Many of the worlds biggest brands will often have excess stock that they need to get rid of and this site allows them to do so very easily. Names such as Sony, Samsung, and Hewlett Packard are just a few of what you will find on uBid while their products will all be available to bid on at knock down prices.

3.) Property Room

Property Room is another great place online that offers online auctions of goods. However, in this case the property is not put on sale by individual people or businesses and is instead put up for sale by the police. The goods are what have been recovered by the police for various criminal reasons. It makes sense for these items to go to a good home rather than being burned and destroyed.

4.) Auction King

For those of you looking for more luxurious items at good prices, Auction King could be a good option for you to consider. You will find all kinds of stuff like fine art, jewelry, and antiques that have been acquired from things like lost property, liquidations, and confiscated goods. Due to the fact that many of the items on sale are luxury, Auction King can feel almost like a real land-based auction due to the prices that some bidders are prepared to pay.

5.) EstateSales

EstateSales has its own little niche in the online auction world, selling property that has been acquired from home or business liquidations. Most people that are selling on here will be selling items from their property due to death, moving home, having their property liquidated, or because of relationships ending in separation. There will be a good variety of different items on offer and like other online auctions, the highest bidder will get the goods.

6.) GovDeals

Ever wondered what the government do with their old office supplies and equipment whenever any of their branches get upgraded? They stick them all up for auction on GovDeals to allow the Joe public to pick them up at low prices. While you might think that you’re only going to see stuff like computers, printers, and air-conditioning units at this auction site, you’ll be quite surprised to see that they also auction of things like cars and land as well.

7.) Municibid

Municibid is actually fairly similar to GovDeals above. Most of the goods have come from schools, and other government offices and buildings and are deemed surplus to requirements. Again, there is a wide range of items available but you should expect to mainly see computers, desks, chairs, and other office type goods.

8.) Listia

Listia does things quite a bit different to the other sites on this list by actually giving people the ability to get items for free. No money at all changes hand on the site and users instead bid using credits. How do people get credits? From donating their own goods to be given away free. Other buyers then bid credits for your goods which can then be used to get other items for free in separate auctions.

9.) Auction Zip

Auction Zip is not exactly what you would call an online auction site in reality. What it is, is a site that streams ‘live’ auctions that you can take part in without physically being there. It is a great way to save on the travel involved in getting to auctions and there is a large range of items that you can find throughout the many auctions.

10.) IRS Auctions

Ever wondered what happens to items that are seized from people who cannot or will not pay their taxes? They go to auction at IRS Auctions where they can picked up at a low price by bidders. This marketplace mainly deals in second-hand goods but there is some great stuff available and at prices you would not believe compared to their true value. many auction lovers head to IRS Auctions whenever they are in the market for some stuff to buy.

The above are what we feel are the best auction sites online at the moment but you will probably be able to find many others as well. if you’re looking for a particular item but don’t have the budget to get it from the high street stores, simply go looking through these sites to see if you locate what you need at a knock down price.

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