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Overview of Sexual Disorder in Men- Everything You Need to Know About

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Sexual dysfunction or sexual disorder is  a common, occurring problem in people that lead to painful or no desire for sex in men. It is often the cause of low confidence and a feeling of shame among men suffering.

Sexual disorder- what is it?

It refers to a problem that occurs during the phase of sexual activity.It prevents the couple from feeling satisfaction after having intercourse. The response cycle of sex includes plateau, orgasm, resolution or excitement, desire and arousal. These are the points in response cycle. Sexual dysfunction is common between men and woman both but many people are shy from discussing the topic of disorder out loud. To deal with this, it is important to share your problem with the other half and make them understand what it is and what they are going through. One needs to understand that the problem is curable.

Types of sexual dysfunction

There are many types of sexual dysfunction that one might go through. Here are the problems and a little description about them as well-

  • Desire disorder- it is less desire towards sexual activities also known as low libido.
  • Arousal disorder- in this problem the person is unable to be aroused or excited during the performance of the sexual activity.
  • Pain disorder- most often when people perform the deed there is some amount of pain involved in it.
  • Orgasm disorder- a person is unable to release or reach the climax at the right time.

These are some of the common disorder one faces when having the sexual disorder. They are also known as other names so don’t get confused if you research more.

Who can get affected by it?

Man and woman, both can be affected by these problems. Most of the time the person is more than four in age as the health start to decline the problems related start to rise on the surface. Sometimes young people also get trapped in this because of their lifestyle and bad habits.

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction


  • Not able to reach climax
  • Inadequate lubrication of vagina at the time of intercourse
  • Tight vaginas, not giving enough space for penetration


  • Unable to maintain an erection for a longer period.
  • Ejaculating before or after minutes of penetration
  • Unable to ejaculate even after having proper stimulation and arousal

There can also be the lack of desire between man and woman for sex or some body issues. It also may happen that they have pain during the intercourse, it creates differences between the couple too.

How is it diagnosed?

An individual can easily understand the situation when feeling that they and their partner are unable to reach a conclusion. One may search for symptoms on the internet and compare with their situation. Most of the time people are unable to understand, and they prefer to go to the clinic. In the clinic, medical tests are performed to rule out any serious altercations. Once the reports are out, the problem is diagnosed easily.

Online consultation

Many people are shy and don’t prefer to share their privacy and concerns with others, and it is understood. For this there are many portals where one can put their concerns and proper help will be provided to help and understand the suspicion the person has regarding this matter. Many online portals for the treatment of ed etc. are available on official sites of sexologists. The privacy is their main concern, and under no circumstances, these clinics or web portals compromise with people’s private information. Go to any reliable portal ask all your queries to them for free.

Can the dysfunction be cured?

The cure depends on the stage and situation a person is in. If the problem is common than it is easily curable but if one is going through some serious disorder, it might be problematic then. These common dysfunctions are related to stress and anxiety and the lifestyle. One should maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Eat a lot of vitamin and nutrient to keep the body healthy. If the body is healthy no, the problem can happen with any part of the body. We wish you a safe and happy life free of problems.

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