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HCL Tech and Philips Lighting open a remote operations centre for connected lighting

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HCL Technologies and Philips Lighting opened a remote operations centre for its connected lighting services, one of the first global large-scale internet-of-things centres.

Indian IT companies have years of experience managing remote operation centres for their clients’ data centre infrastructure, but this is the first that manages things like municipal lighting such as street-lights and commercial lighting fixtures.

“Even for our largest clients we’d manage about 50,000 servers and then other end-points like mobiles. This is 10-100 times the number of devices,” Ashish Gupta, corporate VP at HCL Tech, told ET.

Philips Lighting manages about 22 million connected light points and plans to use the centre to offer a greater number of services including data analytics to manage its’ clients offices. There are about 26 billion light points across the globe. There are about 300 million streetlamps, a key potential user of connected lighting services.

“We have established this centre to help customers get the most of their connected lighting infrastructure and will provide them with a range of managed services from real-time fault reporting to in-depth consultancy services,” Marie-France Crevecoeur, business leader-professional services at Philips Lighting, said. She added that the centre would be a competitive advantage. “What our competitors are saying they will do, we have already started doing. ” The centre in Bengaluru currently manages 1,00,000 connected light points, but expects to scale rapidly.

“The ambition is to grow to one million connected points in the coming months,” Raf Brouwers, global lifecycle services manager at the Philips’ Professional Lighting Solutions division, said.

Philips did not disclose the quantum of investment into the centre but said that it was `significant.’

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