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Where and How to Get Your First Headshots Los Angeles

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Though Los Angeles is a big city, you will not have a problem finding a professional headshot photographer. But you have to be very careful with the quality of the photographers that you are going for – there are all types. For established actors, they can hire the already established professional photographers to do the job. But for most of us, you have to make Google your best friend for searching for the best headshots Los Angeles. Google will provide you with thousands of them and it is for you to shift through them. But how can you find a good one without unnecessarily going through the entire list? Here is how you can do it:

  • Ask from friends, family members or classmate about the experience
  • Check lists like Yelp
  • Forums are also fertile areas for such information
  • Google
  • Now research to pick the best one

Googling stands out as the best way to find a professional to shoot your headshot. You make an unbiased decision based on the facts provided, particularly their customer views. All you need is to do a lot of research to find the right photographer.


Here is what I did and it worked for me:

  • Used a variety of keywords to find a number of headshots Los Angeles photographers
  • Visited their website and collected the relevant data
  • Used my Excel spreadsheet to save the data
  • Categorized them by price range
  • I went through those who met my budget
  • I called them
  • We had a deal

It is a very simple process and it will not consume much of your time if you do it right. If you are good, it should take you less than an hour or less to have it done. But before you start with the research, here are a few tips you need to have for finding the best headshots Los Angeles

  1. a) Don’t be lazy and find a lot of LA based photographers. The more research, the higher the chances of getting the best one.
  2. b) Do not just pick someone because they are offering attractive charges. Sample their work and see if they can meet your expectations. Pay attention to those that shoot the type that you like the most- they are likely to produce something great for you.
  3. c) Be very careful with the budget. Don’t go for high-end budget, especially if you are a newbie but also cheap turns out to be expensive.
  4. d) Makeup/hair is always a factor to consider if are to get great headshots Los Angeles.


What does an actors Headshot Session look like?


It might so professional but the process is simple and extremely fun depending on the connection that you have with the photographer. For me, it was fun and I had a great time. Photographer and his crew including his make-up girl were great and professional.


Setting up the Shoot

This is quite simple. After you have done your research and settled on a photographer, you need to setup a day for the shoot. This is why it is important to talk with them early and make an arrangement. Advance preparation is key if you really need a good headshot photoshoot session.


Arriving for the Shoot

Depending on the prior arrangement that you had made, you will either meet at the photographer’s studio or a location for an outdoor shoot. Make sure that you have used some time to let them know your expectation and goals. Discuss the wardrobe and you may also request for make-up/hair services. This will give the photographer an idea of what you really want. Try to create a conducive environment for a great and successful shoot session.


Start of the Shoot

After you have everything from choosing wardrobe to make-up/hair, you are now ready for a shoot. This will be determined by your budget. You may have different shoot locations, ranging from in-studio to outdoors. A professional photographer will keep chatting and guide you how to pose or show your best for a headshot. Depending on your budget and locations, the session should range from 30 minutes to 2 hours if there is nothing complicated to be done.


Wrapping it up

Now it is time to close the deal. After the time has run out, you can now browse through the captured headshots. Depending on the agreed package, you may have some of the headshots retouched or printed. The rest of the images may be saved on your DVD or USB at the end of the session. Settle the payment as agreed and say your goodbyes. That’s how simple it is.

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