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2017 Experimental Gastronomy: Inspirational Dishes

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How does the relationship between the dish and the tableware influence the perception of the dining experience?

Since 2012, the creative duo behind Steinbeisser have tried to answer this question in Experimental Gastronomy, a unique design and dining project bringing together famous chefs and artists to create exceptional culinary experiences.

New Ways to Enjoy Food

Last October Steinbeisser celebrated the 5th Anniversary of their project at the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam. This year, Steinbeisser invited three acclaimed chefs to join their immersive food&design experience: Kristian Baumann (from 108 restaurant in Copenhagen), Daniel Burns (from Luksus restaurant in New York) and Andreas Rieger (from Einsunternull restaurant in Berlin).

The three chefs prepared a vegan menu based on local, organic and seasonal ingredients, served using cutlery and tableware crafted by international artists.

The above gallery highlights some amazing dishes the three chefs prepared for the occasion. Enjoy the pictures at the top of the article!

If you like the pieces showcased in the photos, check out the Steinbeisser online store Jouw…, to discover their collection of cutlery and tableware created by more than 25 international artists.

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