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20-year-old Kartik's Paperboy app to explore global markets

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20-year-old Kartik's Paperboy app to explore global marketsPaperboy, the cloud-based language-agnostic platform available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store which enables people to read newspaper and magazines on a single platform while on the move is going to explore the US, UAE and UK markets with tie-ups with local media outlets.

Speaking to ET, 20-year old, Jonna Venkata Karthik Raja, Founder, Paperboy says that after getting much support from newspapers and magazines in India, he plans to tie up with international newspapers and vernacular language based magazines to increase their footprint. “I want people to wake up to Paperboy.

Currently, people can access more than 350 publications on our app and web platform. Any student in a foreign country can access his choice of regional language newspaper first thing in the morning through the app.”

Raja also points out that they will never get into aggregation and content creation business. He says newspapers are still the best source of quality content in the country. His 120 member team is working towards creating a model wherein they can collaborate with a specific newspaper outlet for paid articles for users to download such pieces only on Paperboy app and nowhere else.

He also points out the majority of the traffic comes from Tier 2 and 3 towns in India where people download the app to access regional language magazines and newspapers on one platform and with the advent of lower internet prices, it has only helped his cause. “We have seen more than seventy thousand app downloads so far in India. We initially started with regional news content but with increasing popularity, today we have the likes of Hindustan Times, India Today, Dainik Jagran and even Reader’s Digest on our app.”

Paperboy was started as a result of a discussion between Raja and his father in early 2016. Raja wanted to build a platform from where millennials could access content from newspaper and magazines’ from all across India. After working on the App for 6 months and facing many rejections, they launched it. ” I have so far not reached out to any VCs and we want to gradually build our platform, fix issues and make it a global name.”

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